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Ministry Sites

Medina County
Brunswick, Ohio

• That Place For Teens
At That Place for Teens you'll find a variety of FREE activities to keep teens off the streets and someone who will always listen.  Through our after-schoolprogram, club meetings, community programs, hang out time and mentoring, we encourage teens to think critically about their life choices and matters of faith.

Stacey Stender leads this site.  For more info: or  call  330-273-5794.

Wadsworth, Ohio

• The Garage
The Garage is a teen outreach that targets the subculture of risk and fringe teens. Teen can skate on our ramps, they are invited in, fed, and mentored by adults who will introduce them to Jesus. 126 N. Pardee St. 

 •Campus Life,Wednesday 6:00 pm

 •City Life,Thursday 6:00 pm

 Matt Mountjoy - 330-620-9435 -


• Teen Moms
Teen Moms provides support for teen girls before and after the birth of their baby. It is designed to help teen mothers in their  daily challenges, and introduce them to new life in Jesus.
Laurie Beal -  330-472-5063 -


• The Door Cafe'
Open after school, this full service cafe serves free food and provides a safe place for teens to hang out. Volunteers offer friendship and encouraging conversation.
Laurie Beal -


• Juvenile Justice
Volunteers from the various Wadsworth clubs minister to teens at the Medina County Juvenile Detention Center.
Scott Hulet - 330-241-9137 -

*see more on the ministries of Wadsworth at

Sandusky County

Fremont Ministry

Sandusky County Juvenile

Detention Center Ministry
YFC has volunteers who visit the pods at the Sandusky County Juvenile Detention Center four days a week.
Herb Miller directs this outreach.  Call our office at 330-273-5794 for more info

Campus Life is an amazing way for teens to get together in a safe environment to build strong relationships.  I love it and keep going because Campus Life saved my life.  Before I started going, I was anti-social.  Since I moved back to Brunswick I didn't know anyone.  We get together and play games.  We talk about God and common problems and situations most teens face.  It brings a sense of comfort that people are here for you who genuinely care.  The adults there just want the teens to have fun, and to know that they are loved.  Loved by God most of all, and loved by everyone there.  And hey, it's free!

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